Handmade Organic Sourdough Breads

We love food! Good, organic, sustainable food.

In our bakery we make the grains into nutritious and healthful bread. On our farm we are working toward growing nutritious and healthful grains. We strive to keep our farm natural, sensitive to the needs of all things, while producing these foods. The diversity of micro ecosystems and wildlife on the farm is astounding. In a yearly cycle 140 species of birds can be found here plus a multitude of other truly beautiful things.

One Love Bread started baking bread in 2010. We are located in North Central Wisconsin in the hills of Perkinstown, and the woods of the Chequamegon National Forest.

We brought our breads to the farmers markets the first three years. Many of the people who bought those first loaves five years ago still come back for bread. There have been so many inspiring stories surrounding our breads…exuberant stories about bread being shared with other people, bread given as a gift or bread received as a gift. It is through knowing these stories that One Love Bread has been nurtured.

Robert Browning said “If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” The grains grown here and on other local organic farms for our breads pick up all the unique minerals and nutrients from our local soils. When the milling of these grains begins and the handmade loaves come out of the oven this becomes the very best food available to our people.

Our Mission:

To supply the best food on earth to the people of our communities, using organic flour and grains purchased from local organic farmers whenever possible, using natural starter culture (sourdough) and slow and cool fermentation; all this to infuse our land’s unique array of minerals and elements into the lives of its people.

We seek to make stronger all vibrations of goodness, as deep as possible in all directions, to do all this to keep our birds, butterflies and frogs alive and well, our air clean and our land pure and our people healthy and strong. We aim to give back to do our part to preserve our magnificent gem stone planet.



Mullins Cheese   Knowlton WI

Bluff Country    Co-op             Winona, MN

Whole Earth     Co-op                   River Falls, WI

River Market Community Co-op  Stillwater, MN

Chequamegon Food Co-op  Ashland, WI

Natural Alternative Food Co-op               Luck, WI

Viroqua Food    Co-op               Viroqua, WI

Kickapoo Exchange Natural Foods Co-op            Gays Mills, WI

Goodside Grocery Co-op       ,Sheboygan WI

Riverwest Co-op    Milwaukee WI

Basics Cooperative Janesville WI

Driftless Market   Platteville WI

Whole Foods      Co-op      ,     Hillside Location Duluth MN

Whole Foods Co-op      ,      Denfeld Location Duluth MN

The Nutrition Center      ,     Waupaca WI

Wild Berry Market     Minocqua WI

Klinger's Farm Market  ,      Chippewa Falls WI

The Natural Way   Mayville WI

Langlios Vital Nutrition Center   Brookfield WI

Fine Acres Market   St. Croix Falls WI

Dick's Fresh Market   Menomonie WI

Cady Cheese   Wilson WI

Hudson County Market        Hudson WI

Fresh & Natural Foods          Hudson WI

Nourishing Wellness  Delafield WI

Health Hut          Brookfield WI


Nolechek's Meats, Inc.
Thorp WI

Hollands Family Cheese LLC
Thorp, WI

Medford County Market      Medford, WI      In the Natural Foods section.

Scott & Lori's Family Foods         Owen WI

Festival Foods      Marshfield, WI In the Natural Foods section.

Red Clover Market  Weston WI

Quality Foods IGA  Wausau, WI     

 Trig's Wausau, WI         

Just Local Foods   Eau Claire, WI

Festival Foods      Mall Drive,         Eau Clare WI           Natural Foods section.

Festival Foods      Birch Street      Eau Clare WI             Natural Foods section.

Festival Foods      N. Clairemont      Eau Clare WI           Natural Foods section.

Woodman's Markets  Altoona, WI

The Coffee Grounds             Eau Claire, WI 

Sokup's Market       Chippewa Falls WI

Menomonie Market Food     Co-op    Menomonie WI

Dave's County Market                  Merrill WI

Kramer's County Market      Abbotsford WI

Downtown Grocery        Wausau WI

Crossroads County Market          Wausau WI



Marilyn's Fire Station      Medford WI

The Coffee Grounds             Eau Claire WI

Uncommon Grounds    Medford WI

Wissota Chop House      Chippewa Falls WI

Just Local Foods   Eau Claire WI

Country Floral        Thorp WI

Sawmill Brewing Company         Merrill WI